About US

NPK Home 1 Co. Ltd.

was started with the desire to realize the dreams of our customers and to build the designs they have envisioned. NPK Home 1 Co. Ltd. was established to fulfill our shareholders’ wish of materializing the desires of our valued clients.

Our Mission

Every structure begins as a desire, dream or intent but is most importantly, initiated from a love and passion. It is our determination to make the dreams, passions and intentions of our clients, a tangible reality.

Why Choose
NPK Home 1?

We work within set budgets, adhere to standards, pay attention to the details and are dedicated to completing every project. NPK Home 1 is ready to work for you.

Our Goal

We aim to deliver the results you want within an acceptable budget. Large or small, we devote ourselves to projects with not only our energy, but our creativity, to deliver a product worthy of the trust you placed in NPK Home 1.

Our Team

Martina Vorla


Rartin Torla


Mona Yol